It was 2015 and I was struggling to fathom the paradigm shift that happened in my life after I gave my life to Jesus, I would regularly pray in tongues but on this particular day as I prayed,  a figure appeared to me, dressed in white and I knew it was Jesus. What I felt and what was revealed to me was this, I felt a deep conviction  in his presence I saw my self, filthy, sinful, unworthy, corrupted but not condemned. I felt His…Continue Reading “Encounter With Jesus”

This happened sometime ago in 2015, it was my day off  from work. I searched for my ear buds that morning worried that I might have lost them, I finally found them in the front pocket of my long-sleeved shirt, I then realized it had been washed along with the shirt the previous day, so I frantically tested them on my phone and to my dismay as I had feared…. one of the ear buds wasn’t working, I love listening to good quality gospel music…Continue Reading “Fixing Earbud With The Help Of The Holy Spirit”

NOTE: The term “Christian” in this aspect is used to denote a BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN. For example do you follow the bible to the T ? or do you pick what you want ? All verses are in KJV unless otherwise stated. Brethren, please, look at the Muslims, they have different branches (Sufis, Shia, Suni) but they are all united with the one goal for Islam to take over the world, young, old, rich, poor, but we Christians on the other hand….confusion, strife, accusation etc…Continue Reading “Why Is The Church Divided ?”