It was 2015 and I was struggling to fathom the paradigm shift that happened in my life after I gave my life to Jesus, I would regularly pray in tongues but on this particular day as I prayed,  a figure appeared to me, dressed in white and I knew it was Jesus.

What I felt and what was revealed to me was this, I felt a deep conviction  in his presence I saw my self, filthy, sinful, unworthy, corrupted but not condemned.

I felt His unconditional love toward me, even for being so unworthy He still loves me, I saw and felt His power but at the same time His humility is beyond description, for someone so powerful to be so lowly, wow.

He didn’t say a word, His presence alone spoke volumes. The King of Kings appeared to me and countless others I’m sure, wow!

Jesus is Lord !

Thank you Lord!

1 thought on “Encounter With Jesus

  1. All glory to GOD , this teaches me that often we as christian , mark out GOD , JESUS as though HE is someone that is rude, especially when we are correcting one in wrong , we condemn and want to be judges and the HOLY SPIRIT at the same time . Thanks Paul for this . Yes Jesus loves us He convicts us, never condemns and yet still never codons sin, no wonder only HIM can make us pure .

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